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Kaxholmens lövskogspromenad

In the small community Kaxholmen 16 km northeast of Jönköping you will find this deciduous forest. Kaxholmen's deciduous forest is a deciduous forest in hilly terrain. There are many trails, mountain bike track and exercise tracks. The area is located in the Biosphere Reserve Östra Vätterbranterna, just east of Kaxholmen's urban area.

In varying deciduous forest with hazel groves and large oaks, there is this circular loop with several connections east of IK Vista's sports ground in Kaxholmen, by Landsjön. The deciduous forest grows on a slope with ridges and ravines. The area was previously pasture but is now a varied deciduous forest with several hazel groves, large oaks and other deciduous trees. Electric light track and barbecue area. Here are wide paths and hilly terrain to walk in. Parks are easiest at IK Vista's sports ground. Length: 3.9 km