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Wisingsö Hotell & Konferens

In a beautiful surrounding and with lots to do, you find this hotel. The hotel is located on the northern part of Visingsö.

With a personal refuting and experiences in addition to the common, with historical elements, they offer an unique meeting place. Our beautiful island tempts to exciting meetings both average conference participants and the island´s history. Perhaps, comes our own Greve Pehr Brahe on visits during your sojourn and tells about his Countcastle Wisingsborg. Wisingsö Hotel works a lot with completed conference packets where we include for example the ferry, the food, the bed and activities that are typical for our historical island.

Restaurants and things to see

Whithin the hotel area you will find the restaurant Framnäs. Where you can eat local produced food and enjoy everything between breakfast to a night at the bar ( specific event). The buildings around the hotel have a long history, just as the whole of island Visngsö, you can take part of the history and learn more at the local museum, Visingsö museum. This smal museum is lacated at the same address as Wisingsö Hotel.