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Experience Gränna from a new perspective

It's hard to beat the feeling of strolling around on cobble stoned streets and among picturesque wooden houses, whilst breathing in the sweet aroma of peppermint from all of Gränna's candy cane factories. But the city has so much more to offer than that. The place is surrounded by beautiful nature reserves that are full of life, and it's not difficult to understand that this place has given John Bauer a lot of inspiration to his fairytales when walking through the deep and enchanting forests.

Maybe you've visited Gränna many times before, or you're lucky enough to explore the city for the first time. Regardless, you should take the opportunity to experience Gränna through a hike on one of the fantastic trails, on wheels, or why not through completely different perspectives! Book a guided boat tour through the beautiful lakes in Bunn with Trolska boat trips, or rent a canoe or kayak from Bauergården or Smålandsgården and enjoy the tranquility as you glide over the calm water.

Gränna truly is magically beautiful on foot, but maybe you prefer to discover places from the air? Take the chance to go on a hot air balloon ride, get ready to be amazed by views that are impressive enough for anyone to become breathless for a short while. Read more here.