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Take a moment at bryggan

When the sun is shining and you start to feel locked up "Bryggan" is a good place to relax at, eat some food or why not study. To be in the sun and enjoy the view by Munksjön is something that Alisha Muller, Jimmy Stintzinger and Johan Mellbo did one day in May.

When they simply could not be inside anymore the three friends decided to go to the city with some paper, pens and books to study while enjoying the spring vibes. Laying and sitting at the dock (Bryggan) the friends enjoyed a beautiful day in Jönköping.

– So far I haven’t been at Bryggan too often, but I will probably come here more often now that it’s getting hotter. It’s a lovely place to be at, especially now during spring and summer, says Alisha.

Bryggan vid Munksjön

The three friends all study at Jönköping University their first year and have already fallen in love with the city.

– It is beautiful in Jönköping! I love it here. It is small and big at the same time, which makes it kind of perfect. It is close to everything and there is beautiful nature and a great beach just around the corner, says Alisha.

– It’s absolutely a nice city, with cool people and a great student life, says Jimmy.

Which places would you recommend others to visit in Jönköping?

– Stadsparken is very beautiful, Bryggan and Vätterstranden of course, says Alisha.

– When it comes to night clubs Akademien is clearly the best one! I have spent a bit to many nights there during last year. Despite the student club i think Sliver is pretty good also, Jimmy says happily.

With the water sparkling before them and a couple of ducks swimming by the friends kept studying in the sun at Bryggan.