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Princess Tuvstarr

It was John´s wife Ester that John used as a model for princess Tuvstarr. One of John Bauer's most famous works of art, is the picture of Tuvstarr where she is naked deep inside the forest at a woodland lake.

"The fairytale of moose Hop and little princess Tuvstarr" by Helge Kjellin, is part of the story collection "Among Gnomes and Trolls", which John Bauer began to illustrate in 1907. In the fairytale Tuvstarr goes out to experience the world and she gets help from the moose Hop. He tries to warn her of all the dangers in the forest, but in spite of that, the elves take Tuvstarr's crown and the wood-fairy takes her dress. Finally, she loses her heart of gold in the woodland lake. Tuvstarr sits there by the water forever.

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