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Knektaparkens Frisbee Golf Course

Disc golf is a sport suited for all ages. The course is beautifully located in the park called Knektaparken, with a view over the lake Rocksjön.

Located by the beautiful lake Rocksjön, there are a 9 and an 18 target course that starts in Knektaparken. The longer course will then take you through John Bauer-parken to Kålgårdsparken. The courses are close to the city centre and the small beach of Rocksjön. They are suited for beginners and advanced players. John Bauer Frisbee golf club is responsible for the course, see their website for more information.

There are course descriptions over both of the courses. To see the course description of the 9 target course, press here.. The course description of the 18 target course is divided into two parts, you can find target 1-9 by pressing here and target 10-18 by pressing here.