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Child-friendly activities

Discover Gränna with the family this summer. Here there are many fun activities for adventurous children with lots of energy. Eat locally produced ice cream, take a dip in Vättern, play mini golf, watch as your candy canes are being baked, or take the ferry over to Visingsö and go treasure hunting!

The village of candy canes

Going to Gränna without buying candy canes is like a summer vacation without ice cream. It's an adventure in itself to walk around the crowded stores, but did you know that you can watch as the bakers roll the candy canes in the vast majority of cookery shops around Gränna? It is exciting for both young and old! Here you can read more about polka pigs and find the cookery shops in the city.

Grenna Museum

A visit to a museum is exciting for the whole family. At Grenna Museum you can walk in the footsteps of polar scientist S.A. Andrée, and learn lots of interesting things about his attempt to reach the North Pole in the hydrogen balloon called Eagle in 1897. The museum shows objects and pictures from the balloon flight, the landing, ice walk, and much more! In addition to the Andrée expedition, you can learn more about the candy cane entrepreneur Amalia Eriksson, as well as Otto Nordenskjöld's and Sweden's first expedition to the Antarctic in the early 1900s. There is also a crafts corner.

Take a cooling dip in a lake

What would a summer be without many visits to the beach? Maybe this will be the year when little ones will learn to swim! In Gränna you can choose whether you want to float in the crystal clear waters of Vättern or if you want to enjoy a warm summer day on a lake surrounded by Bauerian forests. Here you will find lots of swimming spots to choose from!

Playgrounds and mini golf

The playground Stora lek (big play) is located at Sister Diana's alley in central Gränna. Let the children run for a while, climb the climbing racks or swing so high that they may, perhaps, reach all the way up to the sky. Then enjoy a picnic together in the green grass. Here's a map to Stora lek.

Down at the harbor you will find an adventure mini golf course for the whole family. The game challenge is everything from Brahehus to vintage cars. Read more here!

Ride Icelandic horses

Discover Gränna's beautiful surroundings on the horseback. Fingalstorp offers rides in small groups where the level is adapted to the group. Children between the ages of 10-15 should have an adult with them if they are unfamiliar riders. If you have children under the age of 10, the guardian needs to be involved.

Treasure hunt on Visingsö

Take the whole family over to Visingsö and embark on an exciting treasure hunt starting in Gränna harbor. There you will find maps and clues that will take you on an adventure full of everything from clever puzzles to a discovering journey in the castle ruin. If you pass all the challenges, a treasure is waiting to be brought home. Read more here!

Eat home-made ice cream

Gränna is a real paradise for those who enjoy local production. In addition to being surrounded by farm shops, the small town is filled with shops that create their own goods from the ground up. Maybe you're longing for something cooling in the summer sun? Grenna Glass (Grenna ice cream) offers a wide selection of both ordinary ice cream, sorbet and vegan alternatives, all made without additives and mainly from local ingredients. A taste of Gränna in a cone. If you prefer something more exotic you can visit Gelato Factory and eat real Italian gelato!