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Buy locally produced goods

Our destination is full of lovely farmer shops. There you can shop for freshly harvested vegetables, botanize among food crafts and meet the producers behind the goods you choose to buy. Discover your local farmer stores the next time you're going grocery shopping.

By shopping at farmer shops it does not only mean that you support your local producers and contribute to a better sustainability. It also opens up for a more adventurous grocery shopping. Instead of crowded commodities, you are given the chance to pet animals, see the crops your vegetables come from and experience a larger part of the place you call home.

All around Jönköping and its surroundings you will find businesses offering everything from eggs and meat to fruit and coffee. Some farms you should visit are Rudenstams gårdsbutik & kafé, Vista Gårdsbutik, Persgården, Ravelsmark gårdsbutik and Ebbarps Norrgård.