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Elmia Caravan Motor home

Elmia Caravan Motor home is more than Scandinavia’s biggest fair for the life on wheels. It is five days of party and activities for the whole family. The fair is like the campers’ new year’s eve, and takes place at Elmia every year in September.

You will reunite with friends, make new acquaintance, get input in the latest news of camping and get tips about desirable travel destinations. During the fair days you can easily compare prices, constructions and other details.

You will meet like-minded people from all over the country. At the same time the fair is the perfect start for planning your upcoming vacation. Make a deal and buy new equipment for your caravan or motor home during the fair.

Elmia Caravan Motor home has its own camping area where 10 000 people from all over the country and some parts of Europe, live and hang out. If you live in the camping area you can participate in the annual October celebration and Elmia Grill. Dance your feet’s away to a live dance band orchestra. For the kids, there are movie theatres and a waterpark.

Elmia Caravan Motor home is the perfect fair for both beginners and veterans within camping. Do as 36 000 others, visit Elmia Caravan Motor home!