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Restaurang Bauergården

Welcome to idyllic Bunn.

"We have long ridges, large forests, and cliffs and hake. But we also have bright birch groves, meadows and rich fields. And the air from Vättern and the wide horizon.” - It is the early 1900s and John Bauer describes the environment around his family's new home in Bunn, south of Gränna, in a letter.

And there really is something special about the environment here. The magical forest with the winding, water-lined canal creates a calm sensation. A calm that allows us to focus and that welcomes creativity. A calm that we need today more than ever.

Bauergården's beautiful restaurant can hold up to 90 seated guests, or a few hundred mingling people. The chefs love to compose tasty dishes and alway choose their products with utmost care, and local when possible. They work with magical forest influences to create a Bauerian feeling. The large and lovely glass surfaces in the restaurant creates a light and spaceous feeling, as well as opening up the restaurant to the landscape outside. In the summertime, you can of course enjoy your meal outside.