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Hanna's Easter recipes made from local produce

Although it may feel like the world has paused at the moment, Easter is waiting around the corner. Hanna's Kök (Hanna's Kitchen) has created some Easter recipes where most of the ingredients come from the destination's local producers. Get inspired!

Are you still unsure about what to fill the coming weekends buffet with? What do you think about a salmon pastrie for starter, and brownie muffins with an Easter twist when the sweet thooth strikes? Hanna Sundqvist, who runs Hanna's Kök in Gränna, has shared some lovely repicpes and tips on where to buy many of the ingredients from local farm shops. Make sure to enjoy this Easter, even though it may be different this year, and take the opportunity to #supportyourlocaljkpg during a challenging time.

Hanna's Kök is a catering company that opened in 2016. Since then, Hanna has gilded birthdays, weddings, baptisms and so on with her food. Last year, she also opened a cafe and restaurant. It's hard to understand that the premises is a former garage. At Hanna's, the stylish and inspirational impressions are mixed with wonderful scents from the kitchen.

— I buy most things from farm shops and take a lot of inspiration from local produce when I create my menus and recipes. I want to do my best to ensure that the smaller companies, which are, in fact, a large part of Jönköping's soul, remain. And local produce is usually extra tasty, says Hanna.

Creamy salmon pastries

Bread (avaliable at Vingårdsbutiken Två Liljor)
Pea shots or watercress (take a trip to Ravelsmarks gård stock up on vegetables)
Shrimp mix á la Hanna’s Kök (or store bought - look for "skagenröra")
Salmon (you can find delicacies at Sjöarps Rökeri)

Use a glass and punch out three loaves per pastry. Spread the shrimp mix between all layers. You can use a pre-purchased stir or make your own using Hanna's recipe. Mix fresh shrimp, some of mayonnaise and creme fraiche, a splash of lemon and a bit of fresh cut dill. Salt and pepper to taste! Apply mayonnaise around the entire pastry and attach watercress or pea shoots around it. Roll some salmon and put on top. Ready to be enjoyed!

Extra sweet brownie muffins

100 g of melted butter
2 eggs (Ravelsmarks gård has a large egg supply)
3 dl sugar
½ dl wheat flour (do you need flour? Take a trip to Mellins extraknäcke)
2 teaspoons vanilla sugar
4 tablespoons cocoa
1 pinches of salt

300 g of cream cheese (at Prästgårdens mejeri you can find some locally produced!)
75 g of room-temperatured butter
1 ½ dl icing sugar
Decorative Easter candy (Gränna Chokladfabrik has most of things with a sweet character)

Melt the butter. Stir together eggs and sugar, then mix in the dry ingredients. Add the melted butter. Click down the batter into American muffin molds or aluminum molds. Bake in the bottom of the oven for 8-10 minutes.

Lastly, mix together the ingredients for the frosting and add your desired amount to your muffins when they have cooled down! Decorate with some Easter candy or other goodies!

Don't have time or energy for cooking? No problem! Hanna's Kök is partly a catering company ready to help you with the your Easter buffet. You can even get it delivered home. Läs mer här.