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The city of Jönköping is a clear event arena with lots of different events like IRONMAN 70.3 or DreamHack. In the middle of the city there are three lakes; Munksjön, Rocksjön and Vättern. Here you have the opportunity to go rowing, canoeing, swimming, sailing and much more. Around the city you have the opportunity to walk or bike through beautiful surroundings and unique nature whenever you want.

To be able to have all of these events Jönköping has lots of modern and flexible facilities in all sizes and shapes. Some of them are Elmia, Idrottshuset and Kinnarps Arena. During 2018 lots of events are waiting to emerge in Jönköpings different arenas, with everything from hockey to marathons. Do not miss out. Take part in Jönköpings great sports arena 2018!

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