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Madame Tingley

Madame Tingley was born in Massahutters, USA in 1847. In 1899 she visited Sweden and Visingsö for the first time. She became very fond of Sweden and Visingsö and would return several times to the island. But who was this madame and what did she do at Visingsö.

Katherine Tingley was born July 6, 1847, Newbury, Massachusetts and died July 11, 1929, Visingsö, Sweden. She was a social worker and prominent Theosophist. She was the leader, after W. Q. Judge, of the American Section of the Theosophical Society.

In 1913 she founded the Parliament of Peace at Visingsö and Universal Brotherhood and in 1919 the Theosophical University at Point Loma. She established several theosophical branch centers in America and in Europe, and also a summer school for children at Visingsö. She was the editor of the Theosophical Path. Many theosophical magazines were published under her direction in Germany, Holland and Sweden. She was the author of "Theosophy and Some of the Vital Problems of the Day," "Marriage and the Home," "Theosophy, the Path of the Mystic."

At Visingsö 1913 during the Parliament of Peace she built a building looking like a temple, today the temple building is located at Tempelgården at Visingsö. It was moved from the place where Madame Tingley had her summer school to Tempelgården sometimes during the 1950:s when Olle Krantz a artist from Visingsö bought it.

Katherine was in a car accident 1929 in Germany. She order to be transfered till Jönköping and later to Visingsö. She died 11 july 1929, at Visingsö, of the injured she got from the accident. Her ashes was divided in two and one half of it was send to Kalifornien and the other half, so it said, was buried at Visingsö in her memorial place.

Her estate donated money to electricity to Visingsö and in 1930 it was installed at the island.