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Jousting tournament on Visingsö

With a mix of fear and delight are the eyes of the audience glimmering. Anticipating looks are following the two shining silhouettes storming towards each other. The following collision, which is a product of the massive power of horse and steel, creates a stunned gasp and grand applause among the crowd. The arena raptures.

The life of the middle ages surrounding the prestigious event is also flourishing. The market is buzzing with stands from the far lands making deals left and right. Here are jesters playing music and amusing the passers-by whilst the many children are running, playing and hiding in the many nooks and crannies of the atmospheric scenery.

The whole county is filled with excitement and anticipation for the coming peak of the jousting tournament, a prestigious final on the hill of Visingsborg. The bravest knights are to compete for glory, power and a place in the history books. For the gathering of people is this a display of entertainment but for the combatants this is dead serious. They will soon set of on horseback with lance and tremendous force to once and for all decide who is to fly their banner the highest of them all.

Every year during one weekend in August Visingsö moves back to its heyday and you can experience a medieval jousting; with knights showing their courage, jesters and a market with both food and clothing inspired from this time period.

In medieval times, knights' games were a popular event and if you go to Visingsös jousting and experiencing this in place, you will see why it was so popular. Knights compete against each other to make up a noble fight; they are skilled riders who can swing their lances at full gallop. Both the knight games and the market you will find at the hotel plan, where Visingsborg provides a unique backdrop. The place is adjacent to Visingsö harbor and you can easily go on foot and you do not need to think about taking the car on the ferry to Visingsö.

In the medieval market there are roasted almonds, whole roasted pig, jewelry, leather and handicrafts for sell. In addition to entertainers who perform dangerous tricks, you can also see everything from fire-eating to juggling performance.