Cabin and room rental

Are you looking for a cabin or a room to rent for a day or two or maybe for a whole week. Are you visiting Elmia and any of their fairs and need somewhere to live. Here you will find tips for companies that provide accommodation. Both for your private traveler and for a business traveler.

Great Living provides private accommodation to both business travelers and the temporary visitor. Would you like to know what to rent at Great Living look here.
BoPrima sends private accommodation to exhibitors and visitors at Elmia Exhibitions. Here you will find information about BoPrima and their rental. arranges rental of cottages around Sweden, also in Jönköping and surroundings. Looking for a cabin then look here.
Smålands DMC has accommodation in Hillerstorp with 12 cottages for groups or visitors / exhibitors at Elmia. More about Smålands DMC can be found here.
At you can fins some private cottages in the Gränna region more information here.