The Swan Lake

The most popular ballet classic, The Swan Lake, contains all the elements that made the classical ballet famous, it still captivates anyone who sees it.

A fabulous story with sumptuous scenography and dance, and with immortal music of Tchaikovsky. One can rightly say that Tchaikovsky for over a hundred years reflected the Russian people's souls with this work. Of the music it is mainly "The Four Small Swans' Dance", which has become famous and loved by a large audience.

The Russian National Ballet in Moscow is one of the world's premier ballet companies. Their success is not based on occasions, but depends on their many distinguished dancers, which come from the legendary Bolshevik ballet in Moscow. The Russian National Ballet has its own ballet school with over 70 dancers and several experienced and internationally recognized educators. With its wide repertoire, the Russian National Ballet has had great success in England, the United States, South Africa, China, Italy and Germany.

The story of the exhilarated swan princess who can only be freed from the witchcraft's witchcraft through true love. Siegfried is expected to marry a suitable girl to continue her dynasty. He does not fall in love with any of the girls who would be a good party, but in a strange girl, Odette, who enchanted him with his beauty. Siegfried sworn Odette forever love. The curse that rests over Odette means that she can only take human form for a few hours each night. The wicked wizard sees his chance, letting his own daughter party at the castle in Odette's form to trick the prince. The plan succeeds and the blinded prince breaks, without knowing it, his faithful promise. When it comes to Siegfried that he has been tricked, he asks Odette to forgive, and she does.

Age limit: None

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  • 2019-01-13 / 6 p.m. - 8:20 p.m.
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