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A FABULOUS MUSIC ADVENTURE FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY with i.a. Bragi Bergsson, Anna Norberg, Bob Hellberg, Patrik Martinsson, Bill Sundberg & Ensemble

Snövit - The Musical, which is based on the Brothers Grimm's classic fairy tale, can once again be experienced by adventurous, music and fairy tale loving families.

Snövit in new vintage
True to his habit, director Robert Dröse has reworked the story into a more modern version with a large ensemble, lavish clothes and imaginative scenography. The performance contains cool and captivating music. Everything from classic musical ballads to rock, happy jazz and house! It is an emotional roller coaster, where grief meets laughter and drama meets show. In Snövit - the Musical, the turns are really taken out, with great drive and flowing humor.

A fabulous musical adventure for the whole family
Dare to follow into the world of fairy tales! To the famous castle where the evil and headstrong queen, who inwardly wants to be loved, fights for eternal beauty, but her mirror insists that the stepdaughter Snow White is more beautiful. With the help of the cowardly Herald, the Queen forces Snow White out into the infamous dark forest, where she eventually ends up with the famous dwarves. These slightly improbable characters with their unending energy constitute one of many highlights in the musical and their encounter with Snow White becomes a dizzying and different experience. Do you think that the prince, as in the original story, can kiss Snow White or not? How is the queen doing in her quest to become the most beautiful in the country and does the saga have a happy ending? Do not miss this imaginative and dizzying story for the whole family that has already been appreciated by 120,000 visitors around the country.

In the roles: Bragi Bergsson, Anna Norberg, Bob Hellberg, Patrik Martinsson, Celeste Cappelen, Henning Ledstam, Bill Sundberg, Andreas Andersson, Anna-Lill Karlberg, Daniel Sorange, Christian Arnold, Maria Edner, Fredrik Bengtsson, Maja Söderström

★★★★ - Aftonbladet
"The kids give the show 5 out of 5 Stars" - Marcus Birro
"Professional, entertaining and fun"
"A colorful and wonderful musical"
"A show for the whole family"

Screenplay / Direction / Choreography: Robert Dröse
Music: Martin Landh
Producer: Anna Norberg

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The show is in Swedish

Front doors opens:
90 minutes before the show

Length of the show:
Approximately 2 hours 25 minutes including break.

Age limit:
Recommended from 3 years

For everyone's well-being and safety, coats are not allowed in the auditorium. You can buy the wardrobe ticket when you buy your ticket for the show.

Wheelchair seats:
Wheelchair seats cannot be purchased online.
Wheelchair seats can be booked at Biljettservice at Jönköping Theatre and by phone 0771-211 300.

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From SEK 375 including fees

  • 2022-12-04 / 4 p.m. - 6:20 p.m.
Jönköpings Konserthus Elmiavägen 15 554 54 Jönköping