Rockabilly in the park

On March 30th, the singer Ruby Ann and the rockabilly band JLT - John Lindberg Trio and Ed Cavin & The Blue Kings are coming to Huskvarna.

Ruby Ann (Portugal)

Don’t miss this exclusive gig for Sweden!

The Portuguese singer Ruby Ann is considered to be the most requested and sold artist on the rockin’ scene today. With a great presence on the stage and a tour schedule that includes the world's hottest Rockabilly / Rock & Roll / Country music festivals, it's no wonder she's well-liked.

JLT – John Lindberg Trio

John Lindberg Trio - or JLT has one foot in classic rockabilly and the other in modern rock music has become one of Sweden’s most beloved live acts. JLT released their debut album in 2006 and has since then released another six albums.

John Lindberg formed John Lindberg Rockabilly Trio in high school and since then it has rolled on for John Lindberg Trio, with albums on albums and tour after tour they have built a name for themselves with top ten in the album list that has resulted in sold out gigs around about in the country. Today the band consists of John Lindberg on song and guitar, Nathanael Marcusson on bass and Joakim Dunker on drums. The band consisted of Patrik Backlund on bass and Martin Engström in the period 2006-2015.

The music is a mix of rockabilly, country and rock'n roll. The band is inspired by rock icons like Elvis Presley and Chuck Berry, but have also influences from among others Led Zeppelin, The Sonics, Steve Earle, The Beatles and The Fabulous Thunderbirds. At the same time they are constantly looking forward, with a steady development towards a more contemporary sound.

Ed Cavin & The Blue Kings

Ed Cavin & The Blue Kings is a 50s Rockabilly/Rocknroll band based in Enviken, Sweden 2015.

Today the band consists of the singer Emil Staffansson that even plays rhythm guitar and harmonica, Harry Mellberg on lead guitar, Andreas Nygren on double-bass and Olle Back on drums.

They did their first gig 2016 at Tängergården in Enviken for the annual Easter Rock. Since then they have played locally, up and down in Sweden, north to south and east to the west.

In April 2017, their first single "Love Me" was released along with its self-written song "Do not Be That That".

In August 2016, they performed outside Sweden for the first time heading for Norway as well as Åland (Finland).

In the autumn of 2016 they also won a prize for rockabilly in Country-SM in Sälen.

In 2017 we went to France for the Dreamfish Festival, Another visit to Norway, The Hangar Rockin Festival in Switzerland, The Rockabilly Rocks Festival in Finland and now we're looking forward to what 2018 have to give

In May 2018, they released their debut album called Street Joint

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350 SEK in the entrance

  • 2021-03-27 / 8:30 p.m. - 1 a.m.
Huskvarna Folkets Park Stationsgatan 24 561 33 Huskvarna