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Rules for Children Cup

Here you will find more information about rules for Children Cup

Open for

Riders in the ages between 12-14 years-old


1) The five best placed squad from the specified class at the Jump Club RF competitions v. 35
2) The five best-placed squad from the specified class at Helsingborg's competitions v 39.
3) The two best placed squad from the specified class at the Falsterbo Horse Show v 28


The application for the Elmia Scandinavian Horse Show is made in TDB according to the proposition. Riders can only ride one horse.


The finale is scratched in two rounds. All 12 squads go on to round 2. 1) 1.20 jumping, bed A: Impact. Two influence judges. 2) 1.20 jumping, bed A: 1a

The total winner is the rider who has the best overall result after both rounds according to the platforms method. In the case of the same number of places, the position will be determined in round 1. In round 2 reversed starting order after the first run result.


Rosette, plaque and honorary prizes.

Message to rider

Rider message is published on the website, where qualified squad is also posted.  

Questions to the serializer

Lisen Bratt Fredricson, lisen@grevlunda.com, Sylve Söderstrand, sylve@jumpclub.se,

Questions to the Swedish Equestrian Federation

Robert Solin, robert.solin@ridsport.se, 0220-456 14

Approved by the Swedish Riding Association's Secretary General

Verified by the Swedish Equestrian Association's HK and TS

Disputes about rules

Scandinavian Horse Event Production AB and national coordinator jumping SvRF in consultation.

Jönköping Horse Show