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Crayfishing and boat trips on Lake Vättern

If you are craving a boat trip or catching crayfish then it is to Vätterturen you should turn to, they can help you with boat rental and guided tours on Vättern.

Crab Fishing

The experience already begins on land with a review of the tour. In Vättern you then fish crayfish How does it happen? Under the guidance of an experienced fishing guide, both bait and cage are raised with today's catch. With years of experience, the guide knows where the best fishing waters are and therefore chances are that the cages are well stocked. Once back in port, the catch is split up - The taste of self-caught crayfish is something you don't forget.

Boat Rental

There are two boats for rent a Princess 30 DS with room for 8 crusher fishermen / passengers or Steering Pulpit 4.40, 40Hp with room for 4 people. The big boat is only rented with skipper. You can rent the small one without skipper if you have seafaring habits.