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Izakaya Moshi

Izakaya Moshi is one of the latest, brightest shining stars of Jönköping’s food heaven. The perfect restaurant for you who loves Japanese cuisine, good cocktails and craft beer!

Izakaya Moshi is a Japanese restaurant in Jönköping. Ever since the opening during the autumn of 2017, it has been one of the most popular restaurants in Jönköping. The menu consists of several smaller dishes, perfect for sharing with a party, with everything from snacks, sushi, gyoza dumplings and food from the Japanese grill. The bar at Izakaya Moshi has excellent barrelled craft beer, Japanese soda and an exciting cocktail menu.


Izakaya – the Japanese pub

Some of the tables at Izakaya Moshi cannot be booked in advance, which makes it easy to just stop by for some food and drinks, just like in a Japanese izakaya. A suggestion is to have a tasty cocktail or beer and to order the popular fried corn while waiting for a table.

Omakase – Private room, chef and tasting menu

Izakaya Moshi also have a separate room with 12 seats offering an omakase consisting of 7 or 10 dishes. Here, the chef decides the menu based on daily selected unprocessed food. A perfect way of celebrating special occasions or to have an after work for foodies.

Izakaya Station – Asian junk food

Izakaya Moshi also have a connected bar, Izakaya Station. It is situated on Västgötagatan 11, in the same building as the restaurant and it is a somewhat messier smaller sibling. Here, chill at the bar is offered with Asian junk food, snacks, beer and other bits and pieces. From time to time, the bar is guested by DJs.