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Interference can be translated as "disturbance, interruption". In Swedish, “interferens” is a term to describe wave motions; that two or more waves do not always give the sum of the intensities - instead, waves can both amplify or extinguish each other - or give ripples.

In a series of temporary, artistic installations during the late summer of 2020, we collaborate with four artists and designers with local or regional connections. Their work will appear in the city space in central Jönköping during the months of July and August - as a break in the urban environment we are otherwise so used to. Maybe they make you stop, think, reflect, get confused - or maybe smile?

Keep an eye out for during these dates in these places!

Jesper O.T Andersson
July 29 - August 7, Nomadic work, for exact position follow us on Instagram. osterangenskonsthall (may be cancelled due to rain)

Marcus Appelberg
August 4 - August 8, Lillsjöplan

Liselott Bjurgard Wassborg
15 August - 22 August, Hamnkanalen at Elite Stora Hotellet

Erik Olsson
August 18 - September 22, Crossing Lantmätargränd / Östra Storgatan

In collaboration with Jönköping Municipality

Lillsjöplan, jönköping