Huskvarna City Museum (stadsmuseum)

Take a journey under the water in the Huskvarna bay, see the history of medieval bracket Rumlaborg and cultural developments in southern Vätterbygden. The museum's basement, you can see a slideshow of these themes. Southern Vättern's oldest boat, a stock boat in oak is also preserved here.

The "Kruthuset" (gunpowder house) in Huskvarna is the Huskvarna City Museum. The building was completed in 1771 and was specially built for gun storage for Husqvarna Krutbruk. For its original purpose, "Kruthuset" became redundant in the early 1900s. In 1928, plans arose to make Kruthuset the Huskvarna City Museum. In 1939, the Huskvarna Hembygdsförening got the right of disposal for the building. However, it would take until September 11, 1949, before the inauguration could take place at the city museum. On October 28, 1965, Kruthuset was moved 17 meters east due to the E4 motorway construction.

Grännavägen 56141 Huskvarna