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Hotels with bike focus

Jönköping is a place where cycling thrives and where more is developed and adapted based on cyclists' demand and needs. In Jönköping, there are several hotels tailored for those who love traveling on bike. There are bicycle adaptations and several bicycle packages. Read more about some of the hotels below.


Beyond the city pulse, out among magical forests, you will find the hotel BauerGården, which from 2021 invest even more in cycling tourism. An investment that involves the establishment of several new cycle paths, or so-called "flower petals". The flower petals will start from BauerGården and lead to several different types of places to visit in the municipality, such as Äppledalen, Gränna and beautiful lakes.

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Grenna Hotel

At Grenna Hotell you can book the package "Cykelgourmand". In the package, you get to experience Grännaberget's fantastic trails, everything wonderful that is available at GBOK MTB Arena and much more. At the same time, you get a wonderful experience at Grenna Hotel with a three-course dinner and overnight stay. You can take care of the bike and store it safely in the meantime.

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Scandic Elmia

With Lake Vättern and Elmia as the nearest neighbors, you will find the hotel Scandic Elmia. At the hotel it is possible to book a bicycle room, a regular room but with the unique detail that you can hang your bicycle on the wall. Safe, flexible and space efficient. The hotel also offers the opportunity to store your bike in a bicycle storage room.

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Huskvarna is buzzing with cycling, here are good opportunities to go out on the slopes and see a lot along the way. Because of the great demand for cycling, Slottsvillan has developed its packages with a greater focus on just that. Here you will find a bicycle room, proximity to several trails and an associated app where you can plan your next adventure. There is also the opportunity for different types of cycling weekends.

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