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Group activity

Are you a company, friends or just a big family who just wants to have fun, adrenaline or different experiences.

In Jönköping, there are several companies that can help you with this. There are also many different activities to choose from. These companies are experts in delivery a whole package to companies or to a group of friends.

At Wellness travel you can join Guided food walk or other guides see here for more activities at Wellness travel.
Smålands DMC can help you book a tour of the Boeing 737 simulator or with package solutions for other fun activities. They also have accommodation in Hillerstorp which is ideal for groups. See here for more activities that you can book via Småland DMC.
At Action Event you will find activities with a little more adrenaline, with there is nothing that is too extreme. Contact Action Event for your adrenaline adventure.
At Fortuna Marine you can try on water activities but also rent bikes. Their activities can be found here.
Camp extreme Here you will find adventure and activities that are sewn into what suits your group. Here you will find what Camp Extreme can help you with.
For those who want a bit calmer activities, remmalaget arranges on Visingsö special tours and special arrangements for both large and small groups. More about the tours you can read about here
Destination Jönköping can help you arrange your school trip to Gränna Visingsö.