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This summer you have the opportunity to travel through time and experience the Roman Empire brought to life in the unique exhibition Gladiators – Heroes of the Colosseum. Learn about historical fights, powerful buildings and breathtaking life stories.

For the first time ever, the Italian exhibition Gladiators – Heroes of the Colosseum comes to Sweden. A thrilling exhibition fit for all ages.

The exhibition

The exhibition takes approximately 2 hours to walk and offers different pass ways or themes along the way. Except an amazing set of replicas from ancient Rome, the Colosseum and the gladiatorial games you will watch films, listen to personal stories and learn more about the empire through interactive technology. Additionally you will follow the life of Verus, a roman slave that eventually fought as a gladiator in the arena. The exhibition puts a lot of focus on the gladiators, how they lived and how they fought.

The language offered at the exhibition are Swedish and English. The audio guide also offers German.

The exhibition will be open 21th of april until 12 of august.

Book ticket

0-6 år Gratis, 7-15 år 90 kr, 16-65 år 170 kr, Senior/Student 140 kr

Kinnarps Arena, D-hallen (Mittemot Huskvarnavägen 78)