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The first thursday of march

In Småland, an unofficial celebration is called "Fössta tossdan in mass". Over the years, the day has become more and more prominent.

During this day, the Småland dialect and the Småland heritage are celebrated and celebrated with marzipan cake, or as they say in Smaland "massipantåta". If the person in front of you has a vocabulary entirely without the letter R, you are very likely talking to a person from Småland.

One of the cafés preparing for the day is Malmborgs Konditori on Östra storgatan. For this year's First Thursday in March, around 300-400 cakes are baked!

  • The tradition of eating marzipan cakes has grown year after year and it is great fun! About 5 years ago we got orders for 2-3 cakes maybe, now we are talking completely different volumes. The first Thursday in March is one of the biggest days for us now, says Gustaf Stenkula, owner of Malmborg's Pastry Shop.