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We have a couple of hours here, what can we see and do?
You can visit the Match museum, Stadsparken (citypark) with the bird museum, Jönköpings Läns Museum, Leos playland, Upptech, Rosenlundsbadet (indoor and outdoor pool) Rosariet (rose garden) with Rosenlunds Mansion.
We want out and hike, where can we do that?
There are several hiking tracks to choose between everything from 1.5 km to 50 km, such as Dunkehallaleden, Johan Bauerleden and Tabergs-å-leden. We have map at the tourist information or you can find them on
Do you have a map of Jönköping?
Yes, we have maps of Jönköping, even bicycle maps. You can find the maps at the tourist information or at other location in Jönköping.
Where can you eat "plain" Swedish food?
Grand Hotell, Hemma, Raggmunken
Accommodation Questions? Hotels, cabins, hostels, B & B
There is a full range of hotels / cabins / hostels and B & B, easiest to visit


Where do the stairs to Grännaberg start?
They start at the South Park, go south out and pass the church and you will get there.
We are here for about two hours. What can we do then?
Polkagriskokeri, Grenna Museum, Gränna Mountain, Uppgrenna Naturhus.
When does the ferry depart for Visingsö?
The ferry goes approximately every half an hour according to the schedule. The schedule is available on or at the back of Visingsöfoldern
Where can you eat in Gränna?
Most restaurants are located in the harbor, there are two restaurants on Brahegatan but the hotels also have lunch


Where can you rent bicycles?
Leklandet 0721 - 73 50 00, Visingsö bicycle rental, 0762 - 00 97 86, low season, these must be pre booked; high season can be good to book so you are guaranteed a bike.
Where do you book the ferry?
This is done at 036 - 10 37 70 Gränna Hamnkontor
What should / can you see / do on the island?
You can visit Visingsborg, Nääs ruin, Kumlaby and Brahe Church, Ekskogen. Go for a remmalag (horse and carriage), visit Wisingsborg Gardens, Leklandet and the Nostalgia Museum
Remmalaget where and when?
It is starts at the Remmalags station that is located straight forward when you jump off the ferry. The carriage goes when it's full, the longest waiting time is about 30 minutes.