Dansföreställning: The Sky Above, The Mud Below

Dancers perform through rituals and urban dance.

The Sky Above, the Mud Below takes the spectator on a journey in the tension between religion and what can be defined as femininity.

Growing up in Salzburg with a mother from the Catholic Carinthia and a father from the Muslim minority in Sri Lanka, Farah Deen lets the themes of the show filter through personal experiences of a polarized cultural climate. The stage floor is covered by Muslim and Christian symbols which, together with the choreography, form a topology for the dancer and the spectators to relate to. With roots in Hip Hop, Freestyle and House, Farah Deen develops her own urban expression ready to take on the movement language of religious rituals in artist Golnaz Bashiri's stage room.

Golnaz Bashiri, a freelance multidisciplinary artist who has worked underground in Tehran since 2013. We were last able to see her scenography in the performance Hearing who played at the Dramaten during the Bergman Festival 2018.

Hungry Sharks is an urban dance company from Austria, led by choreographer Valentin Alfery and producer Dusana Baltic. In the fall of 2018, Dansnät Sverige toured their performance #fomo - the fear of missing out, in which Farah Deen participated as a dancer. We are pleased to re-introduce Hungry Sharks, now with Farah Dene's personal solo The Sky Above, the Mud Below.

Dance: Farah Deen
Artistic Director: Valentin Alfery
Artistic Assistant: Dagmar Dachauer
Music: Patrick Gutensohn
Scenography, costume: Golnaz Bashiri
Lighting design: Jasper Diekamp
Production: Dusana Baltic


Front doors opens:
90 minutes before the show

Length of the show:
Approximately 60 minutes


Age limit:
None. Everyone must have a ticket, regardless of age.

For everyone's well-being and safety, coats are not allowed in the auditorium. You can buy the wardrobe ticket when you buy your ticket for the show.

Food and beverage:
Pre order your food together with your purchase of tickets for Jönköping Theatre. Enjoy carefully cooked food made on selected food items. The food is served from 90 minutes before the show. At shows with a pause you can also pre order food to enjoy in the pause. The pre order shop closes three weekdays before the day of the show.

Wheelchair seats:
Wheelchair seats cannot be purchased online.
Wheelchair seats can be booked at Biljettservice at Jönköping Theatre and by phone 0771-211 300.

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  • 2020-03-12 / 7 p.m. - 8 p.m.
Jönköpings Teater Hovrättstorget 553 21 Jönköping