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Cletus Nelson Nwadike

”My mother passed away on September 26, 2021. She had a stomach ache but the doctor could not save her life. Some people do not have sympathy for those suffering from dementia. Sometimes my mother was very angry and said things that upset people. So many people misunderstood her. We have spent so much money trying to turn back time but all efforts were in vain. I have known and loved and trusted her for more than 50 years . But all of a sudden she was no longer there.

In an exhibition about grief, loss, aging and missing one's own family and culture in the diaspora, Cletus Nelson Nwadike has followed his mother's path through old age and into dementia. Sometimes in his native Nigeria, sometimes at a distance from Sweden, but always with a tender and crystal-clear view of a beloved mother. Cletus Nelson Nwadike is a poet and photographer. He was born in Nigeria but has lived in Sweden since 1990 and now resides in Aneby, Småland. Cletus Nelson Nwadike has been nominated for and won a number of international photography competitions. Earlier this year he came second in the ’Still life’ category in the Sony World Photo Award, Somerset House, London. Nwadike has been shown at Fotografiska in Stockholm, Arbetets Museum in Norrköping and Gallery Rivaa, New York, among others. This will be his first exhibition e in Jönköping. As a poet, Cletus Nelson Nwadike made his debut in 1998 with ”A short black poem” and has since published three more collections of poems, the latest of which ”I don’t want to mourn you” came out in 2006. OPENING FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 9TH AT 18.00 WELCOME! POETRY READING WITH CLETUS NELSON NWADIKE TUESDAY OCTOBER 18TH AT 18.00.


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Österängens konsthall Birkagatan 8 554 65 Jönköping