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Chilli & Wok

Asian food in the heart of the A6 Center. CHILI & WOK share their favorite family recipes from Asian cuisine. Their concept is simple: cook the classic Asian cuisine in a modern style, with a strong focus on guest wellness and experience.

The Asian cuisines differ in various ways, but there is a base that unites them - rice, noodles and fresh vegetables. Along with spices lemongrass, coriander, lime leaves, ginger and chilli can create millions of dishes. The food served at Chili & WOK is created with traditional flavors and with contemporary cooking in focus. And it's healthy! Thanks to the cooking is fast, much of the nutrients is retained. The food contains sparingly with fat, just enough proteins and lots of fiber and minerals.

At A6 center you can enjoy Chilli & Woks popular buffet. It features dishes like chicken in chilisauce, vegetarian spring rolls and much, much more. They also offer daily lunch, visit their website for current menu.