Cabin Fever

Cabin Fever is Sweden’s first Bikepacking Grand Prix. It is not a race. It is an adventure, a self supported journey in four loops to the lost cabins of Småland.

"A type of hysteria brought on by spending too much time indoors. Directly decended from long haul journeys where you are stuck in cramped conditions for too damn long.Discover what Småland have to offer in the spring; the trolls of John Bauers’ paintings, long forgotten medieval trails, deep fir forests, rippling streams, fish filled fresh water lakes and forests filled with anemones. A sight for sore eyes."

About Cabin Fever

The adventure consists of four loops starting and ending in Jönköping, where there is a base camp. In total around 600 km of asphalt, gravel, trails, walks and approx 9000 m elevation gain. How many loops you finish is up to you, and your inner demons. We want to ensure equal opportunity for all riders, so all participant will have the same GPS-route that must be followed. Along the loop there are mandatory checkpoints.

"Outside is free"

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  • 2020-04-30 / midnight - midnight
  • 2020-05-01 / midnight - midnight
  • 2020-05-02 / midnight - midnight
  • 2020-05-03 / midnight - midnight
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