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Band t-shirt market at Park Sounds

It happens to the best of us. Either we have outgrown the band - or we have outgrown the size. Maybe you woke up the morning after the concert and no longer thought Takida was the world's greatest band? BUT: Your old t-shirt could become someone else's new favorite! So: don't throw your old Motörhead or The Sounds tshirt! Bring it to the Park Sounds festival in Huskvarna Folkets Park on May 18th and sell it at Österängens Konsthall's t-shirt flea market! The market will be at Österängens Konsthalls Art Truck in the festival area, where you canalso try your hand at some textile creativity.

INSTRUCTIONS: The shirts for the market at Park Sounds are either handed in at Österängens Konsthall 2nd - 17th May during our opening hours (Thu, Fri 11-18, Sat, Sun 11-16) Alternatively on site at Park Sounds on May 18th at 16-23. We happily receive all clean t-shirts and sweaters with band prints. When you turn your shirt in to us you choose whether the money upon sale should be Swished to you or if you want to donate them to the World Wildlife Fund. All unsold items will be donated to secondhand. So go dig around in the back of your closet or in the attic and make someone else happy with your old t-shirt!

Huskvarna Folkets Park Stationsgatan 24, 561 33 Huskvarna