Göran Fristorp firar 50 år som artist 2020

Göran Fristorp celebrates 50 years as an artist, this is done together with saxophonist Johan Stengård. Curt-Eric Holmquist plays the piano.

Göran Fristorp has been one of Scandinavia's largest profiles in the 1970s. Many people know that together with Claes af Geijerstam in Malta he won the Melodifestivalen 1973 with "Summer that never says no". During his career, he has published 26 albums, performed thousands of concerts, collaborated with several of Sweden and Norway's largest music profiles and - declined an offer to write songs full time in Los Angeles.   In total, Göran Fristorp has published 26 albums during his career, with his own material as well as hymns, opera, Bellman and Deaf interpretations. In 2018, his compositions came from the Academy member Johannes Edfelt's poems. Göran Fristorp has over the years collaborated with several of Sweden and Norway's largest music profiles: Putte Wickman, Arne Domnérus, Beppe Wolgers, Lars Jansson, Anna-Lotta Larsson, Helen Sjöholm, Sylvia Vrethammar, Norwegian bassist Arild Andersen and pianists Jan Lundgren, Andreas Landegren , Ivan Renliden, Curt-Erik Holmquist and Helge Lilletvedt.   Saxophonist Johan Stengård is one of Sweden's foremost instrumental artists and is also a producer and musician in The ORIGINAL BAND - MUSIC OF ABBA & MAMMA MIA, chaplain for Johan Stengård Big Band - Music of Sinatra, Basie, Ella, Dean & Sammy. Johan's new success project is to perform MAMMA MIA hits with choir with pianist.   Göran Fristorp says; “I can feel a brotherhood with Johan sometimes. We have both worked extensively in Norway, we are instrumentalists, individualists and our other family name is Patos. A memory has been etched in me. During a TV recording several years ago, I sang and played "Yesterday" with a string quartet. When the last notes sounded, Johan leaned forward and whispered almost inaudibly, "Mister Tasteful!" You don't forget that. I am very much looking forward to this tour ”.   “Göran Fristorp is an important singer, musician, artist, composer and copywriter for Swedish culture and has, since his young years, left a clear impression on his audience. In addition, being successful with the piece of art to be active and successful and constantly being creative for fifty years (!) is nothing else but impressive!”, Says Johan Stengård.

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Front doors opens:
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Length of the show:
Approximately 2 hours including break.

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None. Everyone must have a ticket, regardless of age.

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  • 2020-02-25 / 7 p.m. - 9 p.m.
Jönköpings Teater Hovrättstorget 553 21 Jönköping