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An adventure around the corner

An adventure does not always have to be big plans or long trips to exciting places. Sometimes, packing coffee, some food to grill over a fire, hard wearing clothes, and an imaginative mind is enough.

Do you remember the feeling when you finally managed to climb that big tree for the first time when you were little? As a child, an excursion to the forest is always exciting and only the imagination can set limits on what is possible to experience there. Fallen trees can turn into suspension bridges, and maybe it is possible to find some magical stones used by trolls. The little (which is can be the big) adventure often happens just around the corner, whether that happens to be a garden, playground or forest.

Bring the whole family out to Jönköping's beautiful scenery and be inspired by the immense creativity and exploration joy that only children have. Create bark boats together and compete in the nearest streams, climb trees, or pick a beautiful bouquet of the season's natural floral offerings. Sometimes the simplest things are also the most appreciated.

— The best thing to do is to be outdoors. I like climbing trees and walking over large logs. It's really exciting. But the best thing to do outside is to grill sausages over a fire, says Sigge.

A lack of inspiration and restless children is never a good combination, check out this Easter holiday bingo and see how many fun activities you can complete together! Have you visited all the destination's magical forests or fun playgrounds yet? Pick an exiciting place to explore together, and pick some sticks and other fun stuff at the same time, and use them for arts and crafts later on (here are some tips and inspiration). Just remember to read up on Allemansrätten so that you have full knowledge about what you are allowed to take home with you.