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We are proud to invite you to our exciting and rotating art exhibition at Elite Stora Hotellet in Jönköping. In the coming months, our lobby will be transformed into an artistic stage where different works of art will be presented in a shifting stream of creativity.

Exhibition Schedule and Artists:

21 August - 20 September: Lisa Carlström Svensson and Maria Bennysdotter

21 September - 20 October: Tino Golubovic, Monica Kindh and Rochelle Rosenberg

21 October - 20 November: Albin Wallin, Marie Bodling and Susanne Stocklassa

21 November - 20 December: Bibi Pålenäs, Silke Dorthe Knur and Malin Nilsson

21 December - 20 January 2024: Anna Edström, Linda Lanfranco and Lanfranco De Luca Babbaro

Openings and Meetings with the Artists: We are pleased to announce that we will be organizing an opening for each new exhibition that starts each month. The first event will take place on August 23rd, where we will offer light snacks and drinks that the hotel provides. This is a unique opportunity to meet the artists behind the works and discuss their inspiration and creative process.

We will announce upcoming openings as the exhibition progresses.

Open to the public: The exhibition is open to both our hotel guests and the public. Come and enjoy the beauty and diversity of art in a relaxed environment.

Location: Elite Stora Hotell's lobby and corridors will be the place where art takes shape and life. Our central location makes it easy to explore the arts and enjoy a memorable experience.

Explore shifting perspectives, creative interpretations and let the art inspire yourselves. For further information and any questions, please contact Rochelle Rosenberg who is responsible for coordinating the exhibition. 0769346170

Welcome to the world of art at Elite Stora Hotellet in Jönköping



Rochelle Rosenberg Art & photographer Exhibition coordinator



  • 2023-09-28 / midnight - midnight
  • 2023-09-29 / midnight - midnight
  • 2023-09-30 / midnight - midnight
  • 2023-10-01 / midnight - midnight
  • 2023-10-02 / midnight - midnight
  • 2023-10-03 / midnight - midnight
  • 2023-10-04 / midnight - midnight
  • 2023-10-05 / midnight - midnight
  • 2023-10-06 / midnight - midnight
  • 2023-10-07 / midnight - midnight
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Elite Stora Hotellet Hotellplan, 553 20 Jönköping