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Valborg Franck

Valborg was born in Jönköping on December 21, 1847. She was named Valborg Jakobina Frank. In 1885, the family moved to Gränna. Valborg got to start school in Ulrika Sophia von Strussenfelt's school. But Valborg's schooling did not last long when the school ended in 1859. This was the organized schooling Valborg received. She later moved to Stockholm. She stayed there for a few years and received some form of education.

Back in Gränna as an 18-year-old, she got a job as a governess with Captain Hellman at Södra Jordstorp. Later she got a job as a teacher with the Blomgren family. They lived on Hvarf's vicarage and the father was a pastor. Valborg taught 2 daughters and a son. When she left with Pastor Blomgren, she received very good grades.

In 1874, Valborg joined the Royal Telegraph Agency in Nora, becoming a telegraph operator was something Valborg had dreamed of becoming. She passed the tests in English, German and French gallantly but failed in telegraphy and therefore did not receive a degree. Depressed by the results, she returned home to Gränna.

When Valborg returned to Gränna, the Strussenfeld school had disappeared, so now there was no school for girls in Gränna. So in 1875, Valborg opens a private school for girls, in a room in the parents' home. The maximum number was 20 students and they paid SEK 6-10 per month depending on which subjects they studied. She never received any government grants. She had no employees but taught all subjects herself. In French and mathematics, she did not feel right at home and then had to hire other teachers who could help her with these subjects. Singing, gymnastics and music were not on the schedule, Valborg thinks it was just modernities.

In 1893, she also opened the school for boys, she had to change her focus on teaching as boys were expected to continue to the educational institution. Valborg already doubted as a young woman that she was good at teaching, but despite the celebration she celebrated her 50th birthday with her school in 1925. Today, the building is a museum and is located on Grenna Museum's courtyard.

As early as 1856, Valborg's faithful servant Augusta joined the family and it was perhaps thanks to her that Valborg continued with her teaching. August died in 1927 still in the service of Valborg. It was shortly after Augusta's death that Valborg left as a teacher, when she felt lost after the death of her friend / faithful servant. In 1929, Valborg also died at the age of 81. Valborg left behind a large library with literature.