Grenna Museum

Located along central Brahegatan in Gränna is Grenna Museum – the Andrée Expedition – Polar Centre. You can see an exciting exhibition here about S.A. Andrée’s expedition to the North Pole in 1897. There also are exhibits here about polar history and local history.

In the exhibition about S.A. Andrée’s polar expedition, you can see many of the artefacts found in 1930 when the last encampment of the expedition was discovered on Vitön. On the basis of diaries, journals and films recovered, the course of events could be reconstructed. In the Polar Centre you can become immersed in how Andrée’s experiences at the end of the 19th century have fostered an interest in the polar region that is still very much alive today.

You can become acquainted with Gränna’s history through various exhibits in Franckska Gården in the museum garden. Among the things you will encounter here is the mother of peppermint rock, Amalia Erikson.

Galleriet, in the museum’s glass entrance hall, always features an interesting exhibit. There you can see photos, sculptures and paintings.

Brahegatan 38-40 563 22 Gränna