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Gränna knäcke

Gränna stands for more than peppermint rock. Gränna Knäcke crispbread – how did that come about? Why did people start baking crispbread in Gränna? After all, the town is not really known for nutritious products rich in fibre.

In Gränna they make more than peppermint rocks or polkagrisar. Recently crispbread also has become a popular souvenir for visitors. In Grännaknäcke’s crispbread shop, located on Brahegatan in the heart of Gränna, you can see the bakers hard at work.

Gränna crispbread has now become a success far beyond Gränna. Try it, and you’ll never want to have any other crispbread again! It’s baked with love and care in a crispbread bakery that uses the very best ingredients. The fact that Gränna crispbread has been awarded Sweden’s Gastronomic Academy’s Diploma indicates how fantastic it tastes.