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Gränna choklad

In the middle of Gränna lies this little gem that produces its own chocolate.

Gränna Chocolate was founded in 2007 and started operations at the Hallska gården in Gränna, as the premises were not adapted to be used as a chocolate workshop, Gränna chocolate 2009 moved to its current premises on Brahegatan just next to Grenna Museum.

Pralines on the record Gränna chocolate is best known for its amazing pralines that are made in the little shop in Gränna. They are available in many different flavors and designs. When you enter the small shop on Brahegatan you will meet with a fantastic scent of chocolate and in the small rooms you will find rows of different pralines and chocolate pieces in beautiful packaging.

Genuine ingredients and very taste

Gränna chocolate only uses real ingredients such as butter, cream and fruit purée. They prioritize taste instead of long durability. The pralines have a lot of flavor and there is almost everything from peppermint stick and saffron to smoked whiskey and liqueur.

Summer In the summertimes the café serves waffles with different flavors, a favorite is polka crusher with cream. Sit down to the cozy outdoor seating and enjoy the goodies that the café offers.