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Visingsö in Easter

Nothing is as beautiful as Visingsö on a sunny spring day. Easter in April is a great opportunity to take the ferry to Visingsö and meet in the spring.

The island begins to come to life during the Easter weekend. You can have your lunch at Solbacken or Framnäs (Hotel and Conference restaurant) in Kumlaby. Go to Svensgården for cheesecake when you want to have a snack, become nostalgic at the Nostalgi Museum. Visingsö is ideal for cycling; pre-book your bike and take a bike ride around the island. Or why not just stroll around Ekskogen and look at the beautiful oaks and also visit the silver fir. Bring your own picnic basket and sit at Visingsborg Castle ruin or cycle down to Nääs Castle ruin and feel the history of the wings in history in the fresh spring wind. If you are looking for a bargain, there is flea at both Svensgården and Bengtsgården during the weekend.

Njuta av picknick vid Visingsborgs slottsruin