Culinary discovery tour through Gränna

Experience the taste of Småland!

Culinary discovery tour through Gränna

Are you interested in experiencing Småland in a tasty way? The Culinary discovery tour through Gränna has gathered around 35 local companies that invite you to a food experience out of the ordinary. You can, among other things, eat authentic Smålandic cheesecake baked on local ingredients, experience the magical nature and see how traditional candy canes are baked for the best results. You don't want to miss this!

Throughout the summer, the Culinary discovery tour through Gränna's participants welcome you to their farms, shops and restaurants. As a visitor, you get to see how your food goes from their soil to your table, and share the producers' experiences and knowledge.

You plan what participants you want to visit on your tour, and you find them all at the tour's official website and in the list below. Welcome!

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