Sweet and Delicious

Locally produced ice cream, chocolate, candy canes, appels and much more - here are our tips on the sweetest places!

Taste the sweets

Enjoy sweets from Gränna to Jönköping, chocolate, bund, ice cream everything you can imagine. Discover some of the town´s cozy cafés or take a visit out on the countryside at some of the yard cafés. There are lots of sweets to be tasted. What will be your favorite?

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Enjoy a swedish fika


Right in the city center, by Lake Munksjön’s northern sho...


is more than having a coffee. It´s a reason to set aside a moment for quality time, with colleagues, friends, family or some one yoy want to get to know. You can have a fika at any time.

Haglunds pastry

In central Gränna you will find Haglunds Konditori dating...

Grenna Glass

In the heart of Gränna, on Brahegatan, you will find Gren...

Peppermint rock

– the sweetness in Gränna

Malmborgs Konditori

Classic café in central Jönköping

Coffee with a meal

Vista Kulle coffee roasters

Uppgrenna Naturhus

A house that collaborates with the nature.


Farmshop where you can buy products manufactured on the f...

All coffee shops

Find you favorite spot to have a fika