At Gunillaberg you can enjoy art and nature all-in-one. Internationally renowned artist Tage Andersen has created a unique cultural centre here.

Gunillaberg is open all summer, and on the site you can enjoy floral artist Tage Andersen’s exhibitions, art, culture, nature and magic – in the garden as well as indoors in the beautiful main building. In the 400-square-metre orangery that Tage Andersen had built, you can enjoy concerts during certain select evenings in addition to exhibitions.

The estate’s yellow main building, which is more that 350 years old, creates a framework for the art inside the building. Throughout the buildings and the area, there are animal enclosures with carefully selected species. You can see species here that you have never seen before.

For those who have spent quite a while making the rounds and drinking in the spectacular ambience at Gunillaberg, there is a small café on the grounds.

Gunillaberg Gunillabergs säteri 56025 Bottnaryd